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The following legend designates which parameters are represented by the columns in the revisions table below.

Record Layout Required Status
Data Descriptor
Data Dictionary Description
Data Dictionary Rationale
Data Dictionary Codes
Section NPCR Collect
Name Description Rationale Code Heading
Column Start
CoC Collect
Alternate Names
  Clarification Codes
Column End
CoC Transmit
Format   General Note
Code Note
Length SEER Collect
Allowable Values
  SEER Transmit
  CCCR Collect        
  CCCR Transmit        
  Hosp → Central        
  Central → Central        
  Source of Standard        

Item #Item NameRecord Layout NoteRequired Status NoteData Descriptor NoteData Dictionary DescriptionData Dictionary RationaleData Dictionary Codes
10Record TypeRevised
50NAACCR Record VersionAdded Code 160Added Code 160
94County at DX Geocode1990NewNewNewNewNewNew
95County at DX Geocode2000NewNewNewNewNewNew
96County at DX Geocode2010NewNewNewNewNewNew
97County at DX Geocode2020NewNewNewNewNewNew
220SexUpdated Code 3
270Census Occ Code 1970-2000Updated name of Data Item [282]Revised
272Census Ind Code 2010 CDCChanged name of data item; added "Blank" as Allowable Value; Added Alternate NameRevisedRevisedAdded codes; Revised Note
282Census Occ Code 2010 CDCChanged name of data item; added "Blank" as Allowable Value; Added Alternate NameRevisedRevisedAdded Codes
441Grade Path ValueRevised
449Grade Path SystemRevised
530Reserved 02Revised
550Accession Number--HospChanged "hospital" to "reporting facility."
630Primary Payer at DXRevisedRevised
670RX Hosp--Surg Prim SiteChanged "hospitals" to "reporting facilities."
672RX Hosp--Scope Reg LN SurRevised
674RX Hosp--Surg Oth Reg/DisChanged "hospitals" to "reporting facilities."
676RX Hosp--Reg LN RemovedChanged "hospitals" to "reporting facilities."
710RX Hosp--HormoneChanged "hospital" to "reporting facility."
730RX Hosp--OtherChanged "hospital" to "reporting facility."
746RX Hosp--Surg Site 98-02Changed "hospital" to "reporting facility."
747RX Hosp--Scope Reg 98-02Changed "hospital" to "reporting facility."
748RX Hosp--Surg Oth 98-02Changed "hospital" to "reporting facility."
750Reserved 04Updated 20151008
752Tumor Size ClinicalNewNewNewNewNewNew
754Tumor Size PathologicNewNewNewNewNewNew
756Tumor Size SummaryNewNewNewNewNewNew
759SEER Summary Stage 2000Revised
762Derived SS2017NewNewNewNewNewNew
764Directly Assigned SS2017NewNewNewNewNewNew
772SEER Primary TumorNewNewNewNewNewNew
774SEER Regional NodesNewNewNewNewNewNew
776SEER MetsNewNewNewNewNewNew
780EOD--Tumor SizeRevised
810EOD--Lymph Node InvolvAdded link
880TNM Path TRevised
890TNM Path NRevised
900TNM Path MRevised
910TNM Path Stage GroupRevised 20151020
920TNM Path DescriptorRevised
930TNM Path Staged ByLengthened to 2; layout updated 20151008RevisedNew 2-digit Allowable ValuesNew 2-digit codes
940TNM Clin TRevised
950TNM Clin NRevised
960TNM Clin MRevised
970TNM Clin Stage GroupRevised 20151020Revised
980TNM Clin DescriptorRevised 20151020
990TNM Clin Staged ByLengthened to 2; layout updated 20151008RevisedNew 2-digit Allowable ValuesNew 2-digit codes
1060TNM Edition NumberRevised
1112Mets at DX-BoneNewNewNewNewNewNew
1113Mets at DX-BrainNewNewNewNewNewNew
1114Mets at Dx-Distant LNNewNewNewNewNewNew
1115Mets at DX-LiverNewNewNewNewNewNew
1116Mets at DX-LungNewNewNewNewNewNew
1117Mets at DX-OtherNewNewNewNewNewNew
1182Lymph-vascular InvasionRevised 20151030
1320RX Summ--Surgical MarginsRevised
1380RX Summ--Surg/Rad SeqRevised
1639RX Summ--Systemic/Sur SeqRevised
1782Surv-Date Active FollowupRevised
1783Surv-Flag Active FollowupRevised
1784Surv-Mos Active FollowupRevised
1785Surv-Date Presumed AliveRevised
1786Surv-Flag Presumed AliveRevised
1787Surv-Mos Presumed AliveRevised
1788Surv-Date DX RecodeRevisedRevised
1942Place of Death--StateRevisedChanged "hospital" to "reporting facility."
1944Place of Death--CountryRevisedChanged "hospital" to "reporting facility."
1981Over-ride SS/NodesPosRevised 20151020
1982Over-ride SS/TNM-NRevised 20151020
1983Over-ride SS/TNM-MRevised 20151020
2120SEER Coding Sys--CurrentAdded Code G
2130SEER Coding Sys--OriginalAdded Code G
2162Reserved 19NewNewNewNewNewNew
2163Reserved 20NewNewNewNewNewNew
2355Addr Current--SupplementlRevised
2420Institution Referred ToRevised
2425NPI--Inst Referred ToRevised
2440Following RegistryRevised
2445NPI--Following RegistryRevised
2520Text--DX Proc--PERevised
2530Text--DX Proc--X-ray/ScanRevised
2540Text--DX Proc--ScopesRevised
2550Text--DX Proc--Lab TestsRevised
2560Text--DX Proc--OpRevised
2570Text--DX Proc--PathRevised
2580Text--Primary Site TitleRevised
2590Text--Histology TitleRevised
2610RX Text--SurgeryRevised
2620RX Text--Radiation (Beam)Revised
2630RX Text--Radiation OtherRevised
2640RX Text--ChemoRevised
2650RX Text--HormoneRevised
2660RX Text--BRMRevised
2670RX Text--OtherRevised
2690Text--Place of DiagnosisRevised
2800CS Tumor SizeRevised
2810CS ExtensionRevisedRevisedRevised
2820CS Tumor Size/Ext EvalRevisedRevisedRevised
2830CS Lymph NodesRevisedRevisedRevised
2840CS Lymph Nodes EvalRevisedRevisedRevised
2850CS Mets at DXRevisedRevisedRevised
2851CS Mets at Dx-BoneRevised 20151020
2852CS Mets at Dx-BrainRevised 20151020
2853CS Mets at Dx-LiverRevised 20151020
2854CS Mets at Dx-LungRevised 20151020
2860CS Mets EvalRevisedRevisedRevisedDeleted "Note"
2861CS Site-Specific Factor 7Revised
2864CS Site-Specific Factor10Revised
2866CS Site-Specific Factor12Revised
2871CS Site-Specific Factor17Revised
2872CS Site-Specific Factor18Revised
2873CS Site-Specific Factor19Revised
2874CS Site-Specific Factor20Revised
2875CS Site-Specific Factor21Revised
2876CS Site-Specific Factor22Revised
2877CS Site-Specific Factor23Revised
2878CS Site-Specific Factor24Revised
2900CS Site-Specific Factor 3Revised
2910CS Site-Specific Factor 4Revised
2920CS Site-Specific Factor 5Revised
2930CS Site-Specific Factor 6Revised
2935CS Version Input OriginalRevised 20151020
2936CS Version DerivedRevised
2937CS Version Input CurrentRevised 20151020
2940Derived AJCC-6 TRevised
2950Derived AJCC-6 T DescriptRevised
2960Derived AJCC-6 NRevised
2970Derived AJCC-6 N DescriptRevised
2980Derived AJCC-6 MRevised
2990Derived AJCC-6 M DescriptRevised
3000Derived AJCC-6 Stage GrpRevised
3010Derived SS1977Revised
3020Derived SS2000Revised 20151020
3030Derived AJCC--FlagRevised
3040Derived SS1977--FlagRevised
3050Derived SS2000--FlagRevised
3164Comorbid/Complication 10Revised
3230RX Date SystemicRevised
3231RX Date Systemic FlagRevised
3310RuralUrban Continuum 2003.
3312RuralUrban Continuum 2013NewNewNewNewNewNew
3400Derived AJCC-7 TRevised
3402Derived AJCC-7 T DescriptRevised
3410Derived AJCC-7 NRevised
3412Derived AJCC-7 N DescriptRevised
3420Derived AJCC-7 MRevised
3422Derived AJCC-7 M DescriptRevised
3430Derived AJCC-7 Stage GrpRevised
3605Derived SEER Path Stg GrpNewNewNewNewNewNew
3610Derived SEER Clin Stg GrpNewNewNewNewNewNew
3614Derived SEER Cmb Stg GrpNewNewNewNewNewNew
3616Derived SEER Combined TNewNewNewNewNewNew
3618Derived SEER Combined NNewNewNewNewNewNew
3620Derived SEER Combined MNewNewNewNewNewNew
3622Derived SEER Cmb T SrcNewNewNewNewNewNew
3624Derived SEER Cmb N SrcNewNewNewNewNewNew
3626Derived SEER Cmb M SrcNewNewNewNewNewNew
3650NPCR Derived Clin Stg GrpNewNewNewNewNewNew
3655NPCR Derived Path Stg GrpNewNewNewNewNewNew
3750Over-ride CS 1RevisedRevisedRevised
3751Over-ride CS 2RevisedRevisedRevised
3752Over-ride CS 3RevisedRevisedRevised
3753Over-ride CS 4RevisedRevisedRevised
3754Over-ride CS 5RevisedRevisedRevised
3755Over-ride CS 6RevisedRevisedRevised
3756Over-ride CS 7RevisedRevisedRevised
3757Over-ride CS 8RevisedRevisedRevised
3758Over-ride CS 9RevisedRevisedRevised
3759Over-ride CS 10RevisedRevisedRevised
3760Over-ride CS 11RevisedRevisedRevised
3761Over-ride CS 12RevisedRevisedRevised
3762Over-ride CS 13RevisedRevisedRevised
3763Over-ride CS 14RevisedRevisedRevised
3764Over-ride CS 15RevisedRevisedRevised
3765Over-ride CS 16RevisedRevisedRevised
3766Over-ride CS 17RevisedRevisedRevised
3767Over-ride CS 18RevisedRevisedRevised
3768Over-ride CS 19RevisedRevisedRevised
3769Over-ride CS 20RevisedRevisedRevised
3780Secondary Diagnosis 1Revised
3782Secondary Diagnosis 2Revised
3784Secondary Diagnosis 3Revised
3786Secondary Diagnosis 4Revised
3788Secondary Diagnosis 5Revised
3790Secondary Diagnosis 6Revised
3792Secondary Diagnosis 7Revised
3794Secondary Diagnosis 8Revised
3796Secondary Diagnosis 9Revised
3798Secondary Diagnosis 10Revised