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NCHS Urban Rural Codes: (XLS)

NCHS codes are commonly used to identify place of birth on death certificates. A new spreadsheet, which can be found at, provides the ISO equivalents, where they exist, for NCHS codes. The ISO alpha-3 codes are used for the data items below effective with Volume II, Version 13.  

See SEER Program Coding and Staging Manual for:

Appendix A for County Codes
Appendix B for Country and State Codes

Table: Registry IDs

SEER Registry IDs listed below:

Registry ID       Label
0000001502       SEER Connecticut
0000001521       SEER Hawaii
0000001522       SEER Iowa
0000001523       SEER New Mexico
0000001525       SEER Seattle-Puget Sound
0000001526       SEER Utah
0000001527       Metropolitan Atlanta
0000001529       SEER Alaska Native
0000001530       SEER California
0000001531       SEER San Jose-Monterey
0000001532       SEER Greater Bay
0000001533*     SEER Arizona Indians  *Corrected 9/20/2018
0000001535       SEER Los Angeles
0000001537       SEER Rural Georgia
0000001540       SEER Georgia
0000001541       SEER Greater California
0000001542       SEER Kentucky
0000001543       SEER Louisiana
0000001547       SEER Greater Georgia
0000001551       Cherokee Nation-Oklahoma (SEER funded)
0000001561       SEER Idaho
0000001562       SEER New York
0000001563       SEER Massachusetts
0000001564       SEER Wisconsin
0000001565       SEER Illinois
0000001566       SEER Texas

SEER Research Support Registry IDs listed below:

Registry ID      Label
0000001567      Arkansas Department of Health (Arkansas)
0000001568      California Department of Public Health (CDPH)
0000001569      Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (Colorado)
0000001565      Illinois Department of Public Health
0000001570      Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (Michigan)
0000001571      Oregon Health & Science University (Oregon)
0000001544      Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
0000001572      Tennessee Department of Health (Tennessee)
0000001566      Texas Department of State Health Services (Texas)
0000001573      The Curators of the University of Missouri (Missouri)
0000001574      Trustees of Dartmouth College (Dartmouth)
0000001520      Wayne State University (Wayne State)