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NCHS Urban Rural Codes: (XLS)

NCHS codes are commonly used to identify place of birth on death certificates. A new spreadsheet, which can be found at, provides the ISO equivalents, where they exist, for NCHS codes. The ISO alpha-3 codes are used for the data items below effective with Volume II, Version 13.  

See SEER Program Coding and Staging Manual for:

Appendix A for County Codes
Appendix B for Country and State Codes

Table: Registry IDs

SEER Registry IDs listed below:

Registry ID       Label
0000001500       SEER Program, National Cancer Institute
0000001502       SEER Connecticut
0000001521       SEER Hawaii
0000001522       SEER Iowa
0000001523       SEER New Mexico
0000001525       SEER Seattle-Puget Sound
0000001526       SEER Utah
0000001529       SEER Alaska Native
0000001531       SEER San Jose-Monterey
0000001533*     SEER Arizona Indians  *Corrected 9/20/2018
0000001535       SEER Los Angeles
0000001542       SEER Kentucky
0000001543       SEER Louisiana
0000001547       SEER Greater Georgia
0000001551       Cherokee Nation-Oklahoma (SEER funded)
0000001561       SEER Idaho
0000001562       SEER New York
0000001563       SEER Massachusetts
0000001564       SEER Wisconsin
0000001530       SEER California
0000001532       SEER Greater Bay
0000001540       SEER Georgia
0000024600       SEER Bermuda