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The following legend designates which parameters are represented by the columns in the revisions table below.

Record Layout Note
Required Status Note
Data Descriptor Note
Data Dictionary Description
Data Dictionary Rationale
Data Dictionary Codes
Section NPCR Collect
Name Description Rationale Code Heading
CoC Collect
Alternate Names
XML NAACCR ID Clarification Codes

SEER Collect
Format Parent XML Element General Note
Code Note

CCCR Collect
Allowable Values
Source of Standard    

Source of Standard

Item #Item NameRecord Layout NoteRequired Status NoteData Descriptor NoteData Dictionary DescriptionData Dictionary RationaleData Dictionary Codes
37Reserved 00RetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
50NAACCR Record VersionAdded Value 210Added Code 210
89County at DX AnalysisCorrected bullets 3, 4
145Census Tr Poverty IndictrUpdated NPCR;RevisedRevised
161Race 2Updated CoC;
162Race 3Updated CoC;Source of Standard
163Race 4Updated CoC;
164Race 5Updated CoC;
170Race Coding Sys--CurrentUpdated CoC;
180Race Coding Sys--OriginalUpdated CoC;
190Spanish/Hispanic OriginUpdated SEER;
193Race--NAPIIA(derived API)Updated SEER;
241Date of Birth FlagUpdated CoC;
272Census Ind Code 2010 CDCUpdated Code Notes/links
282Census Occ Code 2010 CDCUpdated Code Note/links
330Census Occ/Ind Sys 70-00Corrected typo onlyUpdated link
370Reserved 01RetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
441Grade Path ValueUpdated NPCR;
449Grade Path SystemUpdated NPCR;
450Site Coding Sys--CurrentUpdated CoC;Revised
460Site Coding Sys--OriginalUpdated CoC;Revised
470Morph Coding Sys--CurrentUpdated CoC;Added Value BAdded Code B
480Morph Coding Sys--OriginlUpdated CoC;Added Value BAdded Code B
530Reserved 02RetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
581Date of 1st Contact FlagUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
680Reserved 03RetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
683Date Regional Lymph Node Dissection FlagSEER updated; Updated CoC;
750Reserved 04RetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
764Summary Stage 2018Updated CoC;
833Date of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy FlagUpdated CoC;Revised
880TNM Path TNPCR updated 8/24/20;
890TNM Path NNPCR updated 8/24/20;
900TNM Path MNPCR updated 8/24/20;
910TNM Path Stage GroupNPCR updated 8/24/20;
920TNM Path DescriptorNPCR updated 8/24/20;
940TNM Clin TNPCR updated 8/24/20;
950TNM Clin NNPCR updated 8/24/20;
960TNM Clin MNPCR updated 8/24/20;
970TNM Clin Stage GroupNPCR updated 8/24/20;
980TNM Clin DescriptorNPCR updated 8/24/20;
1021AJCC TNM Post Therapy Path (yp) TRevisedRevised Description
1022AJCC TNM Post Therapy Path (yp) NRevisedRevised Description
1023AJCC TNM Post Therapy Path (yp) MRevisedRevised DescriptionRevised
1024AJCC TNM Post Therapy Path (yp) Stage GroupRevisedRevised Description
1033AJCC TNM Post Therapy Path (yp) T SuffixRevisedRevised Description
1035AJCC TNM Path N SuffixFixed typo onlyUpdated Code (f) (10/28/20)
1036AJCC TNM Post Therapy Path (yp) N SuffixRevisedRevised DescriptionUpdated Code (f) (10/29/2020)
1060TNM Edition NumberNPCR updated 8/24/20;Added allowable values.Updated Code 8; Added Code 9
1062AJCC TNM Post Therapy Clin (yc) TNewNewNewNewNewNew
1063AJCC TNM Post Therapy Clin (yc) T SuffixNewNewNewNewNewNew
1064AJCC TNM Post Therapy Clin (yc) NNewNewNewNewNewNew
1065AJCC TNM Post Therapy Clin (yc) N SuffixNewNewNewNewNewNew
1066AJCC TNM Post Therapy Clin (yc) MNewNewNewNewNewNew
1067AJCC TNM Post Therapy Clin (yc) Stage GroupNewNewNewNewNewNew
1068Grade Post Therapy Clin (yc)NewNewNewNewNewNew
1180Reserved 05RetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
1190Reserved 06RetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
1201RX Date Surgery FlagUpdated CoC;Revised
1211RX Date Radiation FlagUpdated SEER; Updated CoC;Revised
1221RX Date Chemo FlagUpdated CoC;Revised
1231RX Date Hormone FlagUpdated CoC;Revised
1241RX Date BRM FlagUpdated CoC;Revised
1251RX Date Other FlagUpdated SEER; Updated CoC;Revised
1270Date 1st Crs RX CoCRevisedRevised
1271Date 1st Crs RX CoC FlagUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
1281RX Date DX/Stg Proc FlagUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
1300Reserved 07RetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
1330RX Summ--Reconstruct 1stUpdated SEER;RevisedRevised
1460RX Coding System--CurrentUpdated CoC;
1505Phase I Radiation to Draining Lymph NodesRevised
1506Phase I Radiation Treatment Modality9/18/20: added Value "98"Corrected Code 14; Added Code 98; revised Code 99;
1516Phase II Radiation Treatment Modality9/18/20: Added Value "98"9/18/20: Added Code 98;
1526Phase III Radiation Treatment Modality9/18/20: Added Value "98"9/18/20: Added code 98;
1632Neoadjuvant TherapyNewNewNewNewNewNew
1633Neoadjuvant Therapy-Clinical ResponseNewNewNewNewNewNew
1634Neoadjuvant Therapy-Treatment EffectNewNewNewNewNewNew
1646RX Summ--Surg Site 98-02Updated SEER;RevisedRevised
1650Reserved 08RetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
1740Reserved 09RetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
1751Date of Last Contact FlagUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
1773Date of Last Cancer (tumor) Status FlagUpdated CoC;
1775Record Number RecodeUpdated NPCR;Revised
1782Surv-Date Active FollowupUpdated NPCR;RevisedRevised
1783Surv-Flag Active FollowupUpdated NPCR;RevisedRevised
1784Surv-Mos Active FollowupUpdated NPCR;RevisedRevised
1790Follow-Up SourceUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
1800Next Follow-Up SourceUpdated CoC;Revised
1810Addr Current--CityUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
1820Addr Current--StateUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
1830Addr Current--Postal CodeUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
1832Addr Current--CountryUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
1835Reserved 10RetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
1861Recurrence Date--1st FlagUpdated SEER; Updated CoC;RevisedRevised
1900Reserved 11RetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
1980ICD-O-2 Conversion FlagUpdated CoC;Revised
1985Over-ride Acsn/Class/SeqUpdated CoC;
1986Over-ride HospSeq/DxConfUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
1987Over-ride CoC-Site/TypeUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
1988Over-ride HospSeq/SiteUpdated CoC;
1989Over-ride Site/TNM-StgGrpUpdated CoC; NPCR updated 8/24/20;
1990Over-ride Age/Site/MorphUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
1992Over-ride TNM StageNPCR updated 8/24/20;
1993Over-ride TNM TisNPCR updated 8/24/20;
2020Over-ride Surg/DxConfUpdated CoC;
2030Over-ride Site/TypeUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
2040Over-ride HistologyUpdated CoC;
2070Over-ride Leuk, LymphomaUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
2071Over-ride Site/BehaviorUpdated CoC;
2074Over-ride Site/Lat/MorphUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
2080Reserved 13RetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
2116ICD-O-3 Conversion FlagRevisedRevised
2117Schema ID Version CurrentNewNewNewNewNewNew
2118Schema ID Version OriginalNewNewNewNewNewNew
2120SEER Coding Sys--CurrentRevisedRevisedAdded NoteAdded Code I
2130SEER Coding Sys--OriginalRevisedRevisedAdded NoteAdded Code I
2140CoC Coding Sys--CurrentUpdated CoC;RevisedRevisedUpdated Code 09 on 10/29/20;
2150CoC Coding Sys--OriginalUpdated CoC;RevisedRevisedUpdated Code 09 on 10/29/20;
2152CoC Accredited FlagRevised Rationale
2155RQRS NCDB Submission FlagUpdated CoC; RevisedAdded Note
2156AJCC API Version CurrentNewNewNewNewNewNew
2157AJCC API Version OriginalNewNewNewNewNewNew
2158AJCC Cancer Surveillance API Version CurrentNewNewNewNewNewNew
2159AJCC Cancer Surveillance API Version OriginalNewNewNewNewNewNew
2180SEER Type of Follow-UpUpdated SEER;Revised
2200Diagnostic Proc 73-87SEER updated;Revised
2210Reserved 14RetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
2230Name--LastUpdated CoC;Fixed typo only
2232Name--Birth SurnameNewNewNewNewNewNew
2240Name--FirstUpdated CoC;Fixed typo only.RevisedRevised
2250Name--MiddleUpdated CoC; Fixed typo only.Revised
2280Name--AliasRevisedFixed typo only.Revised second sentenceRevised
2300Medical Record NumberIncreased Length from 11 to 15Updated CoC;Changed Source of Standard; Deleted 2nd sentence of DescriptionRevised
2315Medicare Beneficiary IdentifierUpdated NPCR;
2320Social Security NumberUpdated CoC;Revised
2330Addr at DX--No & StreetUpdated CoC;
2335Addr at DX--SupplementlUpdated CoC;
2350Addr Current--No & StreetUpdated CoC; RevisedSource of Standard
2355Addr Current--SupplementlUpdated CoC; RevisedRevised
2360TelephoneUpdated CoC;Revised
2390Name--MaidenUpdated SEER; Updated NPCR;Fixed typo onlyRevisedRevised
2400Reserved 15RetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
2415NPI--Inst Referred FromUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
2425NPI--Inst Referred ToUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
2450Reserved 16RetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
2465NPI--Physician--ManagingUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
2475NPI--Physician--Follow-UpUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
2510Reserved 12RetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
3171RX Date Mst Defn Srg FlagUpdated SEER; Updated CoC;
3181RX Date Surg Disch FlagUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
3221RX Date Rad Ended FlagUpdated CoC;RevisedRevised
3231RX Date Systemic FlagUpdated SEER; Updated CoC;RevisedRevised
3312RuralUrban Continuum 2013RevisedDeleted Allowable Value 00, added Blank; Added Format (corrections only)RevisedRevised
3650NPCR Derived Clin Stg GrpNPCR updated 8/24/20;
3655NPCR Derived Path Stg GrpNPCR updated 8/24/20;
3769Over-ride CS 20NPCR updated 8/24/20;
3804AdenopathyUpdated CCCRRevised
3806AFP Post-Orchiectomy RangeAdded Value 5Added Code 5
3809AFP Pretreatment InterpretationUpdated CCCR
3811AnemiaUpdated CCCRRevised
3812B symptomsUpdated CCCR
3817Breslow Tumor Thickness Updated CCCR
3818CA-125 Pretreatment InterpretationUpdated CCCR
3819CEA Pretreatment InterpretationUpdated CCCR
3823Circumferential Resection Margin (CRM)Updated CCCR
3826Estrogen Receptor Percent Positive or Range Added Value XX7Added codes XX7
3827Estrogen Receptor SummaryUpdated CCCRRevisedRevised Code 0
3829Esophagus and EGJ Tumor EpicenterUpdated CCCRRevised
3830Extranodal Extension Clin (non-Head and Neck)Added Value 4Revised Code 1; added Coded 4
3831Extranodal Extension Head and Neck ClinicalAdded Value 4Added Code 4
3832Extranodal Extension Head and Neck PathologicalUpdated CCCR
3835Fibrosis ScoreRevised Codes 0,1
3836FIGO StageChanged lengthChanged allowable values and formatNew Code numbers; added Code for FIGO Stage IB3; deleted code 97; Re-added code 97 to correct error: 20 May 2021.
3837Gestational Trophoblastic Prognostic Scoring IndexUpdated CCCRRevised
3838Gleason Patterns ClinicalUpdated CCCR; Updated NPCR;Codes X6, X9 revised
3839Gleason Patterns PathologicalUpdated NPCR;Codes X6, X9 revised
3840Gleason Score ClinicalUpdated CCCR; Updated NPCR;
3841Gleason Score PathologicalUpdated CCCR; Updated NPCR;
3842Gleason Tertiary PatternUpdated CCCR; Updated NPCR; NPCR updated 8/24/20; NPCR updated 8/31/20
3844Grade PathologicalRevised
3845Grade Post Therapy Path (yp)Updated NPCR;RevisedRevisedRevised Code Note
3847hCG Post-Orchiectomy RangeAdded Value 5Added Code 5
3850HER2 IHC Summary Updated CCCR.; updated SEER; Updated CDC; on 23 Nov 2020 updated CCCR;
3851HER2 ISH Dual Probe Copy NumberUpdated SEER; Updated CDC;Code XX.9 revised
3852HER2 ISH Dual Probe RatioUpdated SEER; Updated CDC;Code XX.9 revised
3853HER2 ISH Single Probe Copy NumberUpdated SEER; Updated CDC;Fixed typo only.Code XX.9 revised
3854HER2 ISH SummaryUpdated CCCR; Updated SEER; Updated CDC; on 23 Nov 2020 updated CCCR;
3855HER2 Overall Summary Updated NPCR; Updated CCCRRevised Rationale
3856Heritable TraitUpdated CCCR;Revised
3857High Risk CytogeneticsUpdated CCCR;Revised
3858High Risk Histologic FeaturesRevisedRevised
3859HIV StatusUpdated CoC;
3863Ki-67Added allowable values XXX.4-XXX.6Revised DescriptionRevised RationaleAdded Codes XXX.4-XXX.6
3865KIT Gene Immunohistochemistry Updated CCCR;
3866KRASCode 0 revised
3867LDH Post-Orchiectomy RangeAdded Value 5Added Code 5
3869LDH LevelUpdated CCCR;RevisedRevisedUpdated previous names.
3883LN SizeUpdated CCCR;
3885LymphocytosisUpdated CCCR;Revised
3890Microsatellite Instability (MSI)Updated CCCR;Revised Codes 0, 2
3893Mitotic Rate MelanomaUpdated CCCR;
3897Number of Cores ExaminedUpdated CCCR;
3898Number of Cores PositiveUpdated CCCR;
3899Number of Examined Para-Aortic NodesCode X9 Revised; fixed typo in Code X9: 26 May 2021;
3900Number of Examined Pelvic NodesCode X9 revised
3901Number of Positive Para-Aortic NodesCode X9 revised
3902Number of Positive Pelvic NodesCode X9 revised
3904Oncotype Dx Recurrence Score-InvasiveUpdated CCCR;
3907OrganomegalyUpdated CCCR;RevisedCodes 0,1,9 revised
3908Percent Necrosis Post NeoadjuvantUpdated CCCR;
3910Peripheral Blood InvolvementUpdated CCCR;Revised
3914Progesterone Receptor Percent Positive or RangeAdded Value XX7Added code XX7
3915Progesterone Receptor SummaryUpdated CCCR;RevisedRevised Code 0
3919EOD Prostate Pathologic ExtensionUpdated SEER; SEER updated 8/31/20RevisedUpdated nameUpdated names
3920PSA (Prostatic Specific Antigen) Lab ValueUpdated CCCR;Revised
3921Residual Tumor Volume Post Cytoreduction Values 10-40, 90-93 deleted; values 50-80 addedCodes 10-40, 90-93 deleted; Codes 50-80 added
3923S Category ClinicalUpdated CCCR;Revised
3924S Category PathologicalUpdated CCCR;Added Value 5RevisedAdded Code 5
3926Schema Discriminator 1Updated CCCR;
3927Schema Discriminator 2Updated CCCR;
3928Schema Discriminator 3Updated CCCR;
3930Serum Albumin Pretreatment LevelUpdated CCCR;Revised
3931Serum Beta-2 Microglobulin Pretreatment LevelUpdated CCCR;Revised
3932LDH Lab ValueRevisedUpdated Item Name.Updated previous names.
3933ThrombocytopeniaUpdated CCCR;Revised
3935Tumor Growth PatternRevised Code 9
3936UlcerationUpdated CCCR;
3937Visceral and Parietal Pleural InvasionDeleted Values 1-3; added Value 5Deleted Codes 1,2,3; Revised Code 4; Added Code 5
3938ALK RearrangementNewNewNewNewNewNew
3939EGFR Mutational AnalysisNewNewNewNewNewNew
3940BRAF Mutational AnalysisNewNewNewNewNewNew
3941NRAS Mutational AnalysisNewNewNewNewNewNew
3942CA 19-9 PreTX Lab ValueNewNewNewNewNewNew
3945NCDB--SARSCoV2--Pos DateNewNewNewNewNewNew
3946NCDB--COVID19--Tx ImpactNewNewNewNewNewNew