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The following legend designates which parameters are represented by the columns in the revisions table below.

Record Layout Note
Required Status Note
Data Descriptor Note
Data Dictionary Description
Data Dictionary Rationale
Data Dictionary Codes
Section NPCR Collect
Name Description Rationale Code Heading
CoC Collect
Alternate Names
XML NAACCR ID Clarification Codes

SEER Collect
Format Parent XML Element General Note
Code Note

CCCR Collect
Allowable Values
Source of Standard    

Source of Standard

Item #Item NameRecord Layout NoteRequired Status NoteData Descriptor NoteData Dictionary DescriptionData Dictionary RationaleData Dictionary Codes
50NAACCR Record VersionAdded Value 220Added Code 220
81State at DX Geocode 1970/80/90Revised
89County at DX AnalysisUpdated 20210824
94County at DX Geocode 1970/80/90RevisedUpdated 20210824Revised
95County at DX Geocode2000RevisedUpdated 20210824
96County at DX Geocode2010Updated 20210824
97County at DX Geocode2020Updated 20210824
160Race 1Revised Code 3
161Race 2Revised Code 3
162Race 3Revised Code 3
163Race 4Revised Code 3
164Race 5Revised Code 3
194IHS Purchased/Referred Care Delivery AreaNewNewNewNewNewNew
200Computed EthnicityRevised
210Computed Ethnicity SourceRevised
284Urban Indian Health Organization (UIHO)NewNewNewNewNewNew
285UIHO CityNewNewNewNewNewNew
344Tobacco Use Smoking StatusNewNewNewNewNewNew
351GeoLocationID - 1970/80/90Revised
470Morph Coding Sys--CurrentAdd Value "C"Added Code C; Updated Code Notes
480Morph Coding Sys--OriginlAdded Value CAdded Code C; Updated Code Notes;
530EDP MDE Link DateNewNewNewNewNewNew
531EDP MDE LinkNewNewNewNewNewNew
540Reporting FacilityRevisedRevisedRevisedCode Note revised.
1182Lymphovascular InvasionUpdated Codes 1,2,3,4
1770Cancer StatusRevised
1772Date of Last Cancer (tumor) Status Revised
1773Date of Last Cancer (tumor) Status FlagRevised
2117Schema ID Version CurrentAdded Codes
2118Schema ID Version OriginalAdded Codes
2158AJCC Cancer Surveillance DLL Version CurrentUpdated name of Data ItemChanged Data Item name; revised descriptionRevisedRevised
2159AJCC Cancer Surveillance DLL Version OriginalRevisedChanged Data Item nameRevisedRevised
2220State/Requestor ItemsRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
2330Addr at DX--No & StreetRevised
2380DC State File NumberIncreased length to 12RevisedRevised
3720NPCR Specific FieldRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetiredRetired
3769Over-ride CS 20Revised
3804AdenopathyAdded Value 5RevisedAdded Code 5; Updated Codes 0, 1, 9;
3808AFP Pre-Orchiectomy RangeUpdated SEER 20210824;
3811AnemiaAdded Value 5RevisedAdded Code 5; Updated Codes 0, 6, 9
3816Brain Molecular MarkersRevised
3817Breslow Tumor Thickness Revised
3827Estrogen Receptor SummaryRevisedRevised
3829Esophagus and EGJ Tumor EpicenterRevisedRevised
3835Fibrosis ScoreRevised
3838Gleason Patterns ClinicalRevised
3839Gleason Patterns PathologicalRevisedRevised Codes X7, X9;
3840Gleason Score ClinicalRevised
3841Gleason Score PathologicalRevisedRevised Code X7, Updated Code X9
3842Gleason Tertiary PatternRevised Code X7
3855HER2 Overall Summary Added Value 8Fixed typo onlyAdded Code 8;
3857High Risk CytogeneticsRevisedAdded Value 5Added Code 5; 20211027 Corrected Code 5 definition;
3869LDH LevelAdded Value 5Added Code 5
3871LN Assessment Method Femoral-InguinalUpdated Code 2; Revised Codes 7 and 8;
3872LN Assessment Method Para-AorticUpdated Code 2; Revised Codes 8 and 9;
3873LN Assessment Method PelvicUpdated Code 2; Revised Codes 7 and *;
3885LymphocytosisAdded Value 5;RevisedAdded Code 5, Updated Codes 6, 9;
3890Microsatellite Instability (MSI)Revised Code 8;
3907OrganomegalyRevisedAdded Value 5Added Code 5
3913Pleural EffusionUpdated Code 2
3915Progesterone Receptor SummaryRevisedRevised
3917Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis Revised
3920PSA (Prostatic Specific Antigen) Lab ValueRevisedAdded Values XXX.2, XXX.3;RevisedAdded Codes XXX.2 and XXX.3;
3925Sarcomatoid FeaturesAdded Value XX5Added Code XX5;
3926Schema Discriminator 1Revised
3927Schema Discriminator 2Revised
3930Serum Albumin Pretreatment LevelAdded Value 5RevisedAdded Code 5
3931Serum Beta-2 Microglobulin Pretreatment LevelAdd Value 5RevisedAdded Code 5
3932LDH Lab ValueRevised
3933ThrombocytopeniaAdded Value 5RevisedAdded Coded 5; Updated Codes 0, 6, 9
3935Tumor Growth PatternRevised
3938ALK RearrangementAdded Value "Blank"Added Code Blank
3939EGFR Mutational AnalysisAdded Value "Blank"Added Code Blank
3940BRAF Mutational AnalysisAdded Value "Blank";Added Code Blank
3942CA 19-9 PreTX Lab ValueAdded Values, XXXX.2, XXXX.3, and BlankAdded Codes XXXX.2, XXXX.3 and Blank
3943NCDB--SARSCoV2--TestCoC,SEER updated 20 May 2022
3944NCDB--SARSCoV2--PosCoC,SEER updated 20 May 2022
3945NCDB--SARSCoV2--Pos DateCoC,SEER updated 20 May 2022
3946NCDB--COVID19--Tx ImpactCoC,SEER updated 20 May 2022
3950Macroscopic Evaluation of MesorectumNewNewNewNewNewNew
3955Derived Rai StageNewNewNewNewNewNew
3957LN Status PelvicNewNewNewNewNewNew
3958LN Status Para-AorticNewNewNewNewNewNew
3959LN Status Femoral-InguinalNewNewNewNewNewNew