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The following table presents Version 22 of the NAACCR required status summarizing the requirements and recommendations for collection of each item by standard-setting groups. Differences from Version 21 are marked “Revised” or “New” in the “Note” column of the table and are highlighted in the body of the table. Text of previous versions is revealed by hovering over a highlighted cell.


NPCR Refers to requirements and recommendations of the NPCR regarding data items that are to be collected or computed by NPCR central cancer registries. The NPCR transmit column was removed with Version 11.2. Transmit instructions are provided annually by NPCR. Note: Patient identifying data items collected are not transmitted to CDC.
CoC Refers to requirements of CoC. CoC-accredited cancer program registries are required to collect the indicated items in the “Collect” column. Facilities should refer to the CoC STORE manual for further clarification of required fields. The CoC Transmit column has been removed with Version 21. Note: Patient identifying data items collected are not transmitted to the NCDB. The Transmit column has been removed with Version 21.
SEER Refers to requirements of NCI’s SEER Program. Central registries are required to collect the indicated items in the “Collect” column. Facilities and central registries should refer to the SEER Program Code Manual for further clarification of required fields. The SEER Transmit column has been removed with Version 21.
CCCR Refers to requirements of CCCR for cases submitted to the Canadian Cancer Registry. Provincial/Territorial registries should refer to the Canadian Cancer Registry Data Provider Documentation for further clarification of fields. Items indicated in the “Collect” column are required to be collected at the registry level and reported to the Canadian Cancer Registry. CCCR requirements have been added to the Required Status Table with Version 11.2. The Transmit column has been removed with Version 21.

Codes for Recommendations:


 . No recommendation
D Derived
D* Derived, when available
R Required
R# Required; central registries may code available data using either SEER or CoC data items and associated rules
R* Required, when available
R^ Required, these text requirements may be met with one or several text block fields
RC Collected by SEER from CoC-accredited hospitals
RH Historically collected and currently transmitted
RH* Historically collected and currently transmitted when available
RS Required, site specific
RS* Required, site specific; when available
S Supplementary/recommended
Item #Item NameNPCRCoCSEERCCCRSource of StandardNote
10Record TypeR..RNAACCR
20Patient ID NumberR.RR*Reporting Registry
21Patient System ID-Hosp....NAACCR
30Registry Type....NAACCR
45NPI--Registry ID..R*.CMS
50NAACCR Record VersionR.R.NAACCR
60Tumor Record Number..SR*NAACCR
70Addr at DX--CityRRRR*CoC
80Addr at DX--StateRRR.CoC
81State at DX Geocode 1970/80/90RH*.R.NAACCRRevised
82State at DX Geocode 2000D..NAACCR
83State at DX Geocode 2010D..NAACCR
84State at DX Geocode 2020D..NAACCR
89County at DX AnalysisD..NAACCR
90County at DX ReportedRRR.FIPS/SEER
94County at DX Geocode 1970/80/90RH*.D.NAACCRRevised
95County at DX Geocode2000D.D.NAACCR
96County at DX Geocode2010D.D.NAACCR
97County at DX Geocode2020D..NAACCR
100Addr at DX--Postal CodeRRRR*CoC
102Addr at DX--Country.RR.NAACCR
110Census Tract 1970/80/90RH*.RH.SEER
120Census Cod Sys 1970/80/90RH*.RH.SEER
125Census Tract 2020D..NAACCR
130Census Tract 2000RH.RH.NAACCR
135Census Tract 2010R.R.NAACCR
145Census Tr Poverty IndictrD.D.NAACCR
150Marital Status at DX..R.SEER
160Race 1RRR.SEER/CoC
161Race 2R.R.SEER
162Race 3R.R.SEER
163Race 4R.R.SEER
164Race 5R.R.SEER
170Race Coding Sys--Current....NAACCR
180Race Coding Sys--Original....NAACCR
190Spanish/Hispanic OriginRR.SEER/CoC
191NHIA Derived Hisp OriginD.D.NAACCR
192IHS LinkR*..NPCR
193Race--NAPIIA(derived API)R...NAACCR
194IHS Purchased/Referred Care Delivery AreaD.D.NPCRNew
200Computed Ethnicity..D.SEERRevised
210Computed Ethnicity Source..R.SEERRevised
230Age at DiagnosisRRRDSEER/CoC
240Date of BirthRRRRSEER/CoC
241Date of Birth FlagR.R.NAACCR
270Census Occ Code 1970-2000R*...Census/NPCR
272Census Ind Code 2010 CDCR*...Census/NPCR
280Census Ind Code 1970-2000R*...Census/NPCR
282Census Occ Code 2010 CDCR*...Census/NPCR
284Urban Indian Health Organization (UIHO)D.D.NPCRNew
290Occupation SourceR*...NPCR
300Industry SourceR*...NPCR
310Text--Usual OccupationR*...NPCR
320Text--Usual IndustryR*...NPCR
330Census Occ/Ind Sys 70-00R*...NPCR
344Tobacco Use Smoking StatusR*R*NPCRNew
351GeoLocationID - 1970/80/90RH*...NAACCRRevised
352GeoLocationID - 2000D...NAACCR
353GeoLocationID - 2010D...NAACCR
354GeoLocationID - 2020D...NAACCR
361Census Block Group 2020....Census
362Census Block Group 2000..S.Census
363Census Block Group 2010..R.Census
364Census Tr Cert 1970/80/90RH*.RH.SEER
365Census Tr Certainty 2000RH.RH.NAACCR
366GIS Coordinate QualityR*.S.NAACCR
367Census Tr Certainty 2010R.R.NAACCR
368Census Block Grp 1970/80/90..S.Census
369Census Tract Certainty 2020D..NAACCR
380Sequence Number--CentralR.RDSEER
390Date of DiagnosisRRRRSEER/CoC
391Date of Diagnosis FlagR.R.NAACCR
400Primary SiteRRRRSEER/CoC
419Morph--Type&Behav ICD-O-2....
420Histology (92-00) ICD-O-2RHRHRHRHSEER/CoC
430Behavior (92-00) ICD-O-2RHRHRHRHSEER/CoC
439Date of Mult Tumors Flag.RHRH.NAACCR
441Grade Path ValueRH*RHRH.AJCC
442Ambiguous Terminology DX.RHRH.SEER
443Date Conclusive DX.RHRH.SEER
444Mult Tum Rpt as One Prim.RHRH.SEER
445Date of Mult Tumors.RHRH.SEER
446Multiplicity Counter.RHRH.SEER
448Date Conclusive DX Flag.RHRH.NAACCR
449Grade Path SystemRH*RHRH.AJCC
450Site Coding Sys--CurrentR...NAACCR
460Site Coding Sys--Original...R*NAACCR
470Morph Coding Sys--CurrentR...NAACCR
480Morph Coding Sys--Originl...R*NAACCR
490Diagnostic ConfirmationRRRRSEER/CoC
500Type of Reporting SourceR.R.SEER
501Casefinding SourceR*...NAACCR
521Morph--Type&Behav ICD-O-3....
522Histologic Type ICD-O-3RRRRSEER/CoC
523Behavior Code ICD-O-3RRRRSEER/CoC
530EDP MDE Link DateRS...NPCRNew
540Reporting FacilityRRR.CoC
545NPI--Reporting FacilityR*RR*.CMS
550Accession Number--Hosp.RR.CoC
560Sequence Number--Hospital.RR.CoC
570Abstracted By.RR.CoC
580Date of 1st ContactR..CoC
581Date of 1st Contact FlagRR..NAACCR
590Date of Inpt Adm....NAACCR
591Date of Inpt Adm Flag....NAACCR
600Date of Inpt Disch....NAACCR
601Date of Inpt Disch Flag....NAACCR
605Inpatient Status....NAACCR
610Class of CaseRR.CoC
630Primary Payer at DXR*RR.CoC
668RX Hosp--Surg App 2010.R..CoC
670RX Hosp--Surg Prim Site.R.CoC
672RX Hosp--Scope Reg LN Sur.RR.CoC
674RX Hosp--Surg Oth Reg/Dis.RR.CoC
676RX Hosp--Reg LN Removed.RH..CoC
682Date Regional Lymph Node Dissection.RRC.NAACCR
683Date Regional Lymph Node Dissection Flag..R*.NAACCR
690RX Hosp--Radiation..RH.SEER
700RX Hosp--Chemo.RR.CoC
710RX Hosp--Hormone.RR.CoC
720RX Hosp--BRM.RR.CoC
730RX Hosp--Other.RR.CoC
740RX Hosp--DX/Stg Proc.R..CoC
746RX Hosp--Surg Site 98-02.RHRH.CoC
747RX Hosp--Scope Reg 98-02.RHRH.CoC
748RX Hosp--Surg Oth 98-02.RHRH.CoC
752Tumor Size Clinical..RR*SEER
754Tumor Size Pathologic..RR*SEER
756Tumor Size SummaryRRS.NPCR/CoC
759SEER Summary Stage 2000RHRHRH.SEER
760SEER Summary Stage 1977RHRH..SEER
762Derived Summary Stage 2018..D.SEER
764Summary Stage 2018R.R*.SEER
772EOD Primary Tumor..R.SEER
774EOD Regional Nodes..R.SEER
776EOD Mets..R.SEER
779Extent of Disease 10-Dig....
780EOD--Tumor Size.RHRH.SEER/CoC
785Derived EOD 2018 T..D.SEER
795Derived EOD 2018 M..D.SEER
800EOD--Extension Prost Path..RH.SEER
810EOD--Lymph Node Involv..RH.SEER
815Derived EOD 2018 N..D.SEER
818Derived EOD 2018 Stage Group..D.SEER
820Regional Nodes PositiveRRRR*SEER/CoC
830Regional Nodes ExaminedRRRR*SEER/CoC
832Date of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy.RSR*.CoC
833Date of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Flag..R*.SEER
834Sentinel Lymph Nodes Examined.RS.CoC
835Sentinel Lymph Nodes Positive.RSRS.CoC
840EOD--Old 13 Digit..RH.SEER
850EOD--Old 2 Digit..RH.SEER
860EOD--Old 4 Digit..RH.SEER
870Coding System for EOD..RH.SEER
910TNM Path Stage Group.RHRH*.AJCC
920TNM Path Descriptor.RHRH.CoC
930TNM Path Staged By.RHRH.CoC
970TNM Clin Stage Group.RHRH*.AJCC
980TNM Clin Descriptor.RHRH.CoC
990TNM Clin Staged By.RHRH.CoC
1004AJCC TNM Clin Stage Group.RRCR*AJCC
1014AJCC TNM Path Stage Group.RRCR*AJCC
1021AJCC TNM Post Therapy Path (yp) T.RRCR*AJCC
1022AJCC TNM Post Therapy Path (yp) N.RRCR*AJCC
1023AJCC TNM Post Therapy Path (yp) M.RRCR*AJCC
1024AJCC TNM Post Therapy Path (yp) Stage Group.RRCR*AJCC
1031AJCC TNM Clin T Suffix.RRCR*AJCC
1032AJCC TNM Path T Suffix.RRCR*AJCC
1033AJCC TNM Post Therapy Path (yp) T Suffix.RRCR*AJCC
1034AJCC TNM Clin N Suffix.RRCR*AJCC
1035AJCC TNM Path N Suffix.RRCR*AJCC
1036AJCC TNM Post Therapy Path (yp) N Suffix.RRCR*AJCC
1060TNM Edition Number.RRHRCoC
1062AJCC TNM Post Therapy Clin (yc) T.RRC.AJCC
1063AJCC TNM Post Therapy Clin (yc) T Suffix.RRC.AJCC
1064AJCC TNM Post Therapy Clin (yc) N.RRC.AJCC
1065AJCC TNM Post Therapy Clin (yc) N Suffix.RRC.AJCC
1066AJCC TNM Post Therapy Clin (yc) M.RRC.AJCC
1067AJCC TNM Post Therapy Clin (yc) Stage Group....AJCC
1068Grade Post Therapy Clin (yc)R*RRS.NAACCR
1112Mets at DX-Bone.RRRSEER
1113Mets at DX-Brain.RRRSEER
1114Mets at Dx-Distant LN.RRRSEER
1115Mets at DX-Liver.RRRSEER
1116Mets at DX-Lung.RRRSEER
1117Mets at DX-Other.RRRSEER
1120Pediatric Stage....CoC
1130Pediatric Staging System....CoC
1140Pediatric Staged By....CoC
1150Tumor Marker 1.RHRH.SEER
1160Tumor Marker 2.RHRH.SEER
1170Tumor Marker 3.RHRH.SEER
1182Lymphovascular InvasionR*RRSR*AJCC
1200RX Date SurgeryR.CoC
1201RX Date Surgery FlagRRRC.NAACCR
1210RX Date RadiationR.CoC
1211RX Date Radiation FlagR.R*.NAACCR
1220RX Date ChemoR.CoC
1221RX Date Chemo FlagR.RC.NAACCR
1230RX Date HormoneR.CoC
1231RX Date Hormone FlagRRRC.NAACCR
1240RX Date BRMR.CoC
1250RX Date OtherRRRC.CoC
1251RX Date Other FlagR.R*.NAACCR
1260Date Initial RX SEERR#.R.SEER
1261Date Initial RX SEER FlagR#.R.NAACCR
1270Date 1st Crs RX CoCR#R..CoC
1271Date 1st Crs RX CoC FlagR#...NAACCR
1280RX Date DX/Stg Proc.R..CoC
1281RX Date DX/Stg Proc Flag.R..NAACCR
1285RX Summ--Treatment StatusR#RR.SEER/CoC
1290RX Summ--Surg Prim SiteRRR.SEER/CoC
1292RX Summ--Scope Reg LN SurRRR.SEER/CoC
1294RX Summ--Surg Oth Reg/DisRRR.SEER/CoC
1296RX Summ--Reg LN Examined.RHRH.SEER/CoC
1310RX Summ--Surgical Approch.RH..CoC
1320RX Summ--Surgical Margins.RR*.CoC
1330RX Summ--Reconstruct 1st.RH..SEER
1340Reason for No SurgeryRRR.SEER/CoC
1350RX Summ--DX/Stg Proc.R..CoC
1360RX Summ--RadiationRH.RH.SEER
1370RX Summ--Rad to CNS..RH.SEER/CoC
1380RX Summ--Surg/Rad SeqRRR.SEER/CoC
1390RX Summ--ChemoRRR.SEER/CoC
1400RX Summ--HormoneRRR.SEER/CoC
1420RX Summ--OtherRRR.SEER/CoC
1430Reason for No RadiationRRR.CoC
1460RX Coding System--CurrentR...NAACCR
1501Phase I Dose per Fraction.RR*.CoC
1502Phase I Radiation External Beam Planning Tech.RRC.CoC
1503Phase I Number of Fractions.RR*.CoC
1504Phase I Radiation Primary Treatment Volume.RR*.CoC
1505Phase I Radiation to Draining Lymph Nodes.RR*.CoC
1506Phase I Radiation Treatment ModalityRRR.CoC
1507Phase I Total Dose.RR*.CoC
1510Rad--Regional Dose: cGy....CoC
1511Phase II Dose per Fraction.RR*.CoC
1512Phase II Radiation External Beam Planning Tech.RRC.CoC
1513Phase II Number of Fractions.RR*.CoC
1514Phase II Radiation Primary Treatment Volume.RR*.CoC
1515Phase II Radiation to Draining Lymph Nodes.RR*.CoC
1516Phase II Radiation Treatment Modality.RR.CoC
1517Phase II Total Dose.RR*.CoC
1520Rad--No of Treatment Vol....CoC
1521Phase III Dose per Fraction.RR*.CoC
1522Phase III Radiation External Beam Planning Tech.RRC.CoC
1523Phase III Number of Fractions.RR*.CoC
1524Phase III Radiation Primary Treatment Volume.RR*.CoC
1525Phase III Radiation to Draining Lymph Nodes.RR*.CoC
1526Phase III Radiation Treatment Modality.RR.CoC
1527Phase III Total Dose.RR*.CoC
1531Radiation Treatment Discontinued Early.RR*.CoC
1532Number of Phases of Rad Treatment to this Volume.RR*.CoC
1533Total Dose.RR*.CoC
1540Rad--Treatment Volume....CoC
1550Rad--Location of RX.R..CoC
1570Rad--Regional RX ModalityRH...CoC
1632Neoadjuvant Therapy..R.SEER
1633Neoadjuvant Therapy-Clinical Response..R.SEER
1634Neoadjuvant Therapy-Treatment Effect..R.SEER
1639RX Summ--Systemic/Sur SeqRRR.CoC
1640RX Summ--Surgery Type..RH.SEER
1646RX Summ--Surg Site 98-02.RH..SEER/CoC
1647RX Summ--Scope Reg 98-02.RHRH.SEER/CoC
1648RX Summ--Surg Oth 98-02.RHRH.SEER/CoC
1660Subsq RX 2nd Course Date....CoC
1661Subsq RX 2ndCrs Date Flag....NAACCR
1670Subsq RX 2nd Course Codes....
1671Subsq RX 2nd Course Surg....CoC
1672Subsq RX 2nd Course Rad....CoC
1673Subsq RX 2nd Course Chemo....CoC
1674Subsq RX 2nd Course Horm....CoC
1675Subsq RX 2nd Course BRM....CoC
1676Subsq RX 2nd Course Oth....CoC
1677Subsq RX 2nd--Scope LN SU....CoC
1678Subsq RX 2nd--Surg Oth....CoC
1679Subsq RX 2nd--Reg LN Rem....CoC
1680Subsq RX 3rd Course Date....CoC
1681Subsq RX 3rdCrs Date Flag....NAACCR
1690Subsq RX 3rd Course Codes....
1691Subsq RX 3rd Course Surg....CoC
1692Subsq RX 3rd Course Rad....CoC
1693Subsq RX 3rd Course Chemo....CoC
1694Subsq RX 3rd Course Horm....CoC
1695Subsq RX 3rd Course BRM....CoC
1696Subsq RX 3rd Course Oth....CoC
1697Subsq RX 3rd--Scope LN Su....CoC
1698Subsq RX 3rd--Surg Oth....CoC
1699Subsq RX 3rd--Reg LN Rem....CoC
1700Subsq RX 4th Course Date....CoC
1701Subsq RX 4thCrs Date Flag....NAACCR
1710Subsq RX 4th Course Codes....
1711Subsq RX 4th Course Surg....CoC
1712Subsq RX 4th Course Rad....CoC
1713Subsq RX 4th Course Chemo....CoC
1714Subsq RX 4th Course Horm....CoC
1715Subsq RX 4th Course BRM....CoC
1716Subsq RX 4th Course Oth....CoC
1717Subsq RX 4th--Scope LN Su....CoC
1718Subsq RX 4th--Surg Oth....CoC
1719Subsq RX 4th--Reg LN Rem....CoC
1741Subsq RX--Reconstruct Del....CoC
1750Date of Last ContactRRR.SEER/CoC
1751Date of Last Contact FlagR.R.NAACCR
1755Date of Death--Canada...R*CCCR
1756Date of Death--CanadaFlag....NAACCR
1760Vital StatusRRRDSEER/CoC
1762Vital Status RecodeD.D.NAACCR
1770Cancer Status.RR*.CoCRevised
1772Date of Last Cancer (tumor) Status .RR*.CoCRevised
1773Date of Last Cancer (tumor) Status Flag.R*.NAACCRRevised
1775Record Number RecodeD.D.NAACCR
1780Quality of Survival....CoC
1782Surv-Date Active FollowupD.D.NAACCR
1783Surv-Flag Active FollowupD.D.NAACCR
1784Surv-Mos Active FollowupD.D.NAACCR
1785Surv-Date Presumed AliveD.D.NAACCR
1786Surv-Flag Presumed AliveD.D.NAACCR
1787Surv-Mos Presumed AliveD.D.NAACCR
1788Surv-Date DX RecodeD.D.NAACCR
1790Follow-Up SourceR*R..CoC
1791Follow-up Source CentralR...NAACCR
1800Next Follow-Up Source.R..CoC
1810Addr Current--City..R.SEER
1820Addr Current--State..R.SEER
1830Addr Current--Postal Code..R.SEER
1832Addr Current--Country..R.NAACCR
1842Follow-Up Contact--City....SEER
1844Follow-Up Contact--State....SEER
1846Follow-Up Contact--Postal....SEER
1847FollowUp Contact--Country....NAACCR
1850Unusual Follow-Up Method....NAACCR
1860Recurrence Date--1st.RRC.CoC
1861Recurrence Date--1st Flag..R*.NAACCR
1880Recurrence Type--1st.RRC.CoC
1910Cause of DeathR.RR*SEER
1914SEER Cause Specific CODD.D.SEER
1920ICD Revision NumberR.R.SEER
1940Place of DeathRH..R*NPCR
1942Place of Death--StateR.RDNAACCR
1944Place of Death--CountryR*.RDNAACCR
1960Site (73-91) ICD-O-1..RH.SEER
1970Morph (73-91) ICD-O-1....
1971Histology (73-91) ICD-O-1..RH.SEER
1972Behavior (73-91) ICD-O-1..RH.SEER
1973Grade (73-91) ICD-O-1..RH.SEER
1980ICD-O-2 Conversion Flag..R.SEER
1981Over-ride SS/NodesPos..RH.NAACCR
1982Over-ride SS/TNM-N..RH.NAACCR
1983Over-ride SS/TNM-M..RH.NAACCR
1985Over-ride Acsn/Class/Seq....NAACCR
1986Over-ride HospSeq/DxConf....NAACCR
1987Over-ride CoC-Site/Type....NAACCR
1988Over-ride HospSeq/Site....NAACCR
1989Over-ride Site/TNM-StgGrp..R.NAACCR
1990Over-ride Age/Site/MorphR.R.SEER
1992Over-ride TNM Stage....NAACCR
1993Over-ride TNM Tis..R.NAACCR
1994Over-ride TNM 3....NAACCR
2000Over-ride SeqNo/DxConfR.R.SEER
2010Over-ride Site/Lat/SeqNoR.R.SEER
2020Over-ride Surg/DxConfR.R.SEER
2030Over-ride Site/TypeR.R.SEER
2040Over-ride HistologyR.R.SEER
2050Over-ride Report SourceR.R.SEER
2060Over-ride Ill-define SiteR.R.SEER
2070Over-ride Leuk, LymphomaR.R.SEER
2071Over-ride Site/BehaviorR.R.SEER
2072Over-ride Site/EOD/DX Dt..R.SEER
2073Over-ride Site/Lat/EOD..R.SEER
2074Over-ride Site/Lat/MorphR.R.SEER
2078Over-ride Name/SexR.R.NAACCR
2085Date Case Initiated....NAACCR
2090Date Case Completed....NAACCR
2092Date Case Completed--CoC.D..CoC
2100Date Case Last Changed.D..NAACCR
2110Date Case Report ExportedR...NPCR
2111Date Case Report ReceivedR...NPCR
2112Date Case Report LoadedR...NPCR
2113Date Tumor Record AvailblR...NPCR
2116ICD-O-3 Conversion FlagR.R.SEER
2117Schema ID Version CurrentDDDR*SEER
2118Schema ID Version OriginalDDDR*SEER
2120SEER Coding Sys--Current....NAACCR
2130SEER Coding Sys--Original....NAACCR
2140CoC Coding Sys--Current....CoC
2150CoC Coding Sys--Original....CoC
2152CoC Accredited FlagR.R.NPCR
2155RQRS NCDB Submission Flag....CoC
2156AJCC API Version Current.DD*R*AJCC
2157AJCC API Version Original.DD*R*AJCC
2158AJCC Cancer Surveillance DLL Version CurrentDDD*R*AJCCRevised
2159AJCC Cancer Surveillance DLL Version OriginalDDD*R*AJCCRevised
2170Vendor Name.R..NAACCR
2180SEER Type of Follow-Up....SEER
2190SEER Record Number....SEER
2200Diagnostic Proc 73-87....SEER
2232Name--Birth SurnameR.RR*NAACCR
2300Medical Record NumberR.R.NAACCR
2310Military Record No Suffix....CoC
2315Medicare Beneficiary IdentifierR*...NAACCR
2320Social Security NumberR.R.SEER
2330Addr at DX--No & StreetR.R.SEER
2335Addr at DX--SupplementlR.R.SEER
2350Addr Current--No & Street..R.SEER
2355Addr Current--Supplementl..R*.SEER
2380DC State File NumberR.R*.State
2392Follow-Up Contact--No&St....SEER
2393Follow-Up Contact--Suppl....SEER
2394Follow-Up Contact--Name....SEER
2410Institution Referred From....CoC
2415NPI--Inst Referred From.R..CMS
2420Institution Referred To....CoC
2425NPI--Inst Referred To.R..CMS
2440Following Registry..RH.CoC
2445NPI--Following Registry..RH*.CMS
2480Physician--Primary Surg....CoC
2485NPI--Physician--Primary Surg.R..CMS
2490Physician 3....CoC
2495NPI--Physician 3.R..CMS
2500Physician 4....CoC
2505NPI--Physician 4.R..CMS
2508EHR Reporting....NAACCR
2520Text--DX Proc--PER^.R.NPCR
2530Text--DX Proc--X-ray/ScanR^.R.NPCR
2540Text--DX Proc--ScopesR^.R.NPCR
2550Text--DX Proc--Lab TestsR^.R.NPCR
2560Text--DX Proc--OpR^.R.NPCR
2570Text--DX Proc--PathR^.R.NPCR
2580Text--Primary Site TitleR^.R.NPCR
2590Text--Histology TitleR^.R.NPCR
2610RX Text--SurgeryR^.R.NPCR
2620RX Text--Radiation (Beam)R^.R.NPCR
2630RX Text--Radiation OtherR^.R.NPCR
2640RX Text--ChemoR^.R.NPCR
2650RX Text--HormoneR^.R.NPCR
2660RX Text--BRMR^.R.NPCR
2670RX Text--OtherR^.R.NPCR
2690Text--Place of Diagnosis....NPCR
2800CS Tumor SizeRH*RHRH*RH*AJCC
2810CS ExtensionRH*RHRH*RH*AJCC
2820CS Tumor Size/Ext EvalRH*RHRH*RH*AJCC
2830CS Lymph NodesRH*RHRH*RH*AJCC
2840CS Lymph Nodes EvalRH*RHRH*RH*AJCC
2851CS Mets at Dx-Bone.RHRHRH*AJCC
2852CS Mets at Dx-Brain.RHRHRH*AJCC
2853CS Mets at Dx-Liver.RHRHRH*AJCC
2854CS Mets at Dx-Lung.RHRHRH*AJCC
2861CS Site-Specific Factor 7RH*RHRHRH*AJCC
2862CS Site-Specific Factor 8RH*RHRHRH*AJCC
2863CS Site-Specific Factor 9RH*RHRHRH*AJCC
2864CS Site-Specific Factor10RH*RHRHRH*AJCC
2865CS Site-Specific Factor11RH*RHRHRH*AJCC
2866CS Site-Specific Factor12RH*RHRHRH*AJCC
2867CS Site-Specific Factor13RH*RHRHRH*AJCC
2868CS Site-Specific Factor14RH*RHRHRH*AJCC
2869CS Site-Specific Factor15RH*RHRHRH*AJCC
2870CS Site-Specific Factor16RH*RHRHRH*AJCC
2871CS Site-Specific Factor17RH*RHRHRH*AJCC
2872CS Site-Specific Factor18.RHRHRH*AJCC
2873CS Site-Specific Factor19.RHRHRH*AJCC
2874CS Site-Specific Factor20.RHRHRH*AJCC
2875CS Site-Specific Factor21.RHRHRH*AJCC
2876CS Site-Specific Factor22.RHRHRH*AJCC
2877CS Site-Specific Factor23.RHRHRH*AJCC
2878CS Site-Specific Factor24.RHRHRH*AJCC
2879CS Site-Specific Factor25RH*RHRHRH*AJCC
2880CS Site-Specific Factor 1RH*RHRHRH*AJCC
2890CS Site-Specific Factor 2RH*RHRHRH*AJCC
2900CS Site-Specific Factor 3RH*RHRHRH*AJCC
2910CS Site-Specific Factor 4RH*RHRHRH*AJCC
2920CS Site-Specific Factor 5RH*RHRHRH*AJCC
2930CS Site-Specific Factor 6RH*RHRHRH*AJCC
2935CS Version Input OriginalR*RHRH*RH*AJCC
2936CS Version DerivedRH*DHD*DHAJCC
2937CS Version Input CurrentR*RHRH*RH*AJCC
2950Derived AJCC-6 T Descript.DHDHDHAJCC
2970Derived AJCC-6 N Descript.DHDHDHAJCC
2990Derived AJCC-6 M Descript.DHDHDHAJCC
3000Derived AJCC-6 Stage Grp.DHDHDHAJCC
3010Derived SS1977.DHD*DHAJCC
3020Derived SS2000RH*DHD+DHAJCC
3030Derived AJCC--Flag.DHDH.AJCC
3040Derived SS1977--Flag.DHD*.AJCC
3050Derived SS2000--FlagRH*DHD*.AJCC
3100Archive FIN.R..CoC
3105NPI--Archive FIN.R..CMS
3110Comorbid/Complication 1.RH..CoC
3120Comorbid/Complication 2.RH..CoC
3130Comorbid/Complication 3.RH..CoC
3140Comorbid/Complication 4.RH..CoC
3150Comorbid/Complication 5.RH..CoC
3160Comorbid/Complication 6.RH..CoC
3161Comorbid/Complication 7.RH..CoC
3162Comorbid/Complication 8.RH..CoC
3163Comorbid/Complication 9.RH..CoC
3164Comorbid/Complication 10.RH..CoC
3165ICD Revision Comorbid....CoC
3170RX Date Mst Defn SrgRRRC.CoC
3171RX Date Mst Defn Srg FlagR.R*.NAACCR
3180RX Date Surg Disch.R..CoC
3181RX Date Surg Disch Flag....NAACCR
3190Readm Same Hosp 30 Days.R..CoC
3200Rad--Boost RX Modality....CoC
3210Rad--Boost Dose cGy....CoC
3220RX Date Rad Ended.R..CoC
3221RX Date Rad Ended Flag....NAACCR
3230RX Date Systemic.RRC.CoC
3231RX Date Systemic Flag..R*.NAACCR
3250RX Summ--Transplnt/EndocrRRR.CoC
3270RX Summ--Palliative Proc.R..CoC
3280RX Hosp--Palliative Proc.R..CoC
3300RuralUrban Continuum 1993D...NAACCR
3310RuralUrban Continuum 2003D...NAACCR
3312RuralUrban Continuum 2013D.D.NAACCR
3402Derived AJCC-7 T DescriptRH*DHDHDHAJCC
3412Derived AJCC-7 N DescriptRH*DHDHDHAJCC
3422Derived AJCC-7 M DescriptRH*DHDHDHAJCC
3430Derived AJCC-7 Stage GrpRH*DHDHDHAJCC
3440Derived PreRx-7 T....AJCC
3442Derived PreRx-7 T Descrip....AJCC
3450Derived PreRx-7 N....AJCC
3452Derived PreRx-7 N Descrip....AJCC
3460Derived PreRx-7 M....AJCC
3462Derived PreRx-7 M Descrip....AJCC
3470Derived PreRx-7 Stage Grp....AJCC
3480Derived PostRx-7 T....AJCC
3482Derived PostRx-7 N....AJCC
3490Derived PostRx-7 M....AJCC
3492Derived PostRx-7 Stge Grp....AJCC
3600Derived Neoadjuv Rx Flag....AJCC
3605Derived SEER Path Stg Grp..DH.SEER
3610Derived SEER Clin Stg Grp..DH.SEER
3614Derived SEER Cmb Stg Grp..DH.SEER
3616Derived SEER Combined T..DH.SEER
3618Derived SEER Combined N..DH.SEER
3620Derived SEER Combined M..DH.SEER
3622Derived SEER Cmb T Src..DH.SEER
3624Derived SEER Cmb N Src..DH.SEER
3626Derived SEER Cmb M Src..DH.SEER
3645NPCR Derived AJCC 8 TNM Clin Stg Grp...R*NPCR
3646NPCR Derived AJCC 8 TNM Path Stg Grp...R*NPCR
3647NPCR Derived AJCC 8 TNM Post Therapy Stg Grp...R*NPCR
3650NPCR Derived Clin Stg Grp....NPCR
3655NPCR Derived Path Stg Grp....NPCR
3700SEER Site-Specific Fact 1..R.SEER
3702SEER Site-Specific Fact 2....SEER
3704SEER Site-Specific Fact 3....SEER
3706SEER Site-Specific Fact 4....SEER
3708SEER Site-Specific Fact 5....SEER
3710SEER Site-Specific Fact 6....SEER
3750Over-ride CS 1.RH..AJCC
3751Over-ride CS 2.RH..AJCC
3752Over-ride CS 3.RH..AJCC
3753Over-ride CS 4.RH..AJCC
3754Over-ride CS 5.RH..AJCC
3755Over-ride CS 6.RH..AJCC
3756Over-ride CS 7.RH..AJCC
3757Over-ride CS 8.RH..AJCC
3758Over-ride CS 9.RH..AJCC
3759Over-ride CS 10.RH..AJCC
3760Over-ride CS 11.RH..AJCC
3761Over-ride CS 12.RH..AJCC
3762Over-ride CS 13.RH..AJCC
3763Over-ride CS 14.RH..AJCC
3764Over-ride CS 15.RH..AJCC
3765Over-ride CS 16.RH..AJCC
3766Over-ride CS 17.RH..AJCC
3767Over-ride CS 18.RH..AJCC
3768Over-ride CS 19.RH..AJCC
3769Over-ride CS 20RHRHRH.AJCC/NPCRRevised
3780Secondary Diagnosis 1.R..CoC
3782Secondary Diagnosis 2.R..CoC
3784Secondary Diagnosis 3.R..CoC
3786Secondary Diagnosis 4.R..CoC
3788Secondary Diagnosis 5.R..CoC
3790Secondary Diagnosis 6.R..CoC
3792Secondary Diagnosis 7.R..CoC
3794Secondary Diagnosis 8.R..CoC
3796Secondary Diagnosis 9.R..CoC
3798Secondary Diagnosis 10.R..CoC
3801Chromosome 1p: Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH).RSRS.NAACCR
3802Chromosome 19q: Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH).RSRS.NAACCR
3803Adenoid Cystic Basaloid Pattern.RSRS.NAACCR
3805AFP Post-Orchiectomy Lab Value.RSRC.NAACCR
3806AFP Post-Orchiectomy Range.RSRS.NAACCR
3807AFP Pre-Orchiectomy Lab Value.RSRC.NAACCR
3808AFP Pre-Orchiectomy Range.RSRS.NAACCRRevised
3809AFP Pretreatment Interpretation.RSRCRS*NAACCR
3810AFP Pretreatment Lab Value.RSRC.NAACCR
3812B symptoms.RSRSRS*NAACCR
3813Bilirubin Pretreatment Total Lab Value.RSRC.NAACCR
3814Bilirubin Pretreatment Unit of Measure.RSRC.NAACCR
3815Bone Invasion.RSRS.NAACCR
3816Brain Molecular MarkersRS.RS.NAACCRRevised
3817Breslow Tumor Thickness RSRSRSRS*NAACCRRevised
3818CA-125 Pretreatment Interpretation.RSRSRS*NAACCR
3819CEA Pretreatment Interpretation.RSRSRS*NAACCR
3820CEA Pretreatment Lab Value.RSRS.NAACCR
3821Chromosome 3 Status.RSRC.NAACCR
3822Chromosome 8q Status.RSRC.NAACCR
3823Circumferential Resection Margin (CRM).RSRSRS*NAACCR
3824Creatinine Pretreatment Lab Value.RSRC.NAACCR
3825Creatinine Pretreatment Unit of Measure.RSRC.NAACCR
3826Estrogen Receptor Percent Positive or Range .RSRC.NAACCR
3827Estrogen Receptor SummaryRSRSRSRS*NAACCRRevised
3828Estrogen Receptor Total Allred Score .RSRC.NAACCR
3829Esophagus and EGJ Tumor EpicenterRSRSRSRS*NAACCRRevised
3830Extranodal Extension Clin (non-Head and Neck).RSRC.NAACCR
3831Extranodal Extension Head and Neck Clinical.RSRC.NAACCR
3832Extranodal Extension Head and Neck Pathological.RSRSRS*NAACCR
3833Extranodal Extension Path (non-Head and Neck).RSRC.NAACCR
3834Extravascular Matrix Patterns .RSRC.NAACCR
3835Fibrosis ScoreRSRSRC.NAACCRRevised
3837Gestational Trophoblastic Prognostic Scoring Index.RSRSRS*NAACCR
3838Gleason Patterns ClinicalRSRSRSRS*NAACCRRevised
3839Gleason Patterns PathologicalRSRSRSRS*NAACCRRevised
3840Gleason Score ClinicalRSRSRCRS*NAACCRRevised
3841Gleason Score PathologicalRSRSRCRS*NAACCRRevised
3842Gleason Tertiary PatternRS*RSRCRS*NAACCR
3843Grade ClinicalRRRRNAACCR
3844Grade PathologicalRRRRNAACCR
3845Grade Post Therapy Path (yp)R*RRSRNAACCR
3846hCG Post-Orchiectomy Lab Value.RSRC.NAACCR
3847hCG Post-Orchiectomy Range.RSRS.NAACCR
3848hCG Pre-Orchiectomy Lab Value.RSRC.NAACCR
3849hCG Pre-Orchiectomy Range.RSRS.NAACCR
3850HER2 IHC Summary ...RH*NAACCR
3851HER2 ISH Dual Probe Copy Number....NAACCR
3852HER2 ISH Dual Probe Ratio....NAACCR
3853HER2 ISH Single Probe Copy Number....NAACCR
3854HER2 ISH Summary...RH*NAACCR
3855HER2 Overall Summary RSRSRSRS*NAACCR
3856Heritable Trait.RSRSRS*NAACCR
3857High Risk Cytogenetics.RSRSRS*NAACCR
3858High Risk Histologic Features.RSRS.NAACCR
3859HIV Status..RS.NAACCR
3860International Normalized Ratio Prothrombin Time.RSRC.NAACCR
3861Ipsilateral Adrenal Gland Involvement.RSRS.NAACCR
3864Invasion Beyond Capsule.RSRS.NAACCR
3865KIT Gene Immunohistochemistry .RSRCRS*NAACCR
3867LDH Post-Orchiectomy Range.RSRS.NAACCR
3868LDH Pre-Orchiectomy Range.RSRS.NAACCR
3870LDH Upper Limits of Normal.RSRC.NAACCR
3871LN Assessment Method Femoral-Inguinal.RSRC.NAACCR
3872LN Assessment Method Para-Aortic.RSRC.NAACCR
3873LN Assessment Method Pelvic.RSRC.NAACCR
3874LN Distant Assessment Method.RSRC.NAACCR
3875LN Distant: Mediastinal, Scalene.RSRC.NAACCR
3876LN Head and Neck Levels I-III.RSRS.NAACCR
3877LN Head and Neck Levels IV-V.RSRS.NAACCR
3878LN Head and Neck Levels VI-VII.RSRS.NAACCR
3879LN Head and Neck Other.RSRS.NAACCR
3880LN Isolated Tumor Cells (ITC).RSRS.NAACCR
3881LN Laterality.RSRS.NAACCR
3882LN Positive Axillary Level I-II.RSRS.NAACCR
3884LN Status Femoral-Inguinal, Para-Aortic, Pelvic.RSRS.NAACCR
3886Major Vein Involvement.RSRS.NAACCR
3887Measured Basal Diameter.RSRS.NAACCR
3888Measured Thickness.RSRS.NAACCR
3889Methylation of O6-Methylguanine-Methyltransferase.RSRS.NAACCR
3890Microsatellite Instability (MSI)RS*RSRSRS*NAACCR
3891Microvascular Density .RSRC.NAACCR
3892Mitotic Count Uveal Melanoma.RSRC.NAACCR
3893Mitotic Rate Melanoma.RSRSRS*NAACCR
3894Multigene Signature Method.RSRS.NAACCR
3895Multigene Signature Results.RSRS.NAACCR
3896NCCN International Prognostic Index (IPI).RSRS.NAACCR
3897Number of Cores Examined.RSRSRS*NAACCR
3898Number of Cores Positive.RSRSRS*NAACCR
3899Number of Examined Para-Aortic Nodes.RSRC.NAACCR
3900Number of Examined Pelvic Nodes.RSRC.NAACCR
3901Number of Positive Para-Aortic Nodes.RSRC.NAACCR
3902Number of Positive Pelvic Nodes.RSRC.NAACCR
3903Oncotype Dx Recurrence Score-DCIS.RSRC.NAACCR
3904Oncotype Dx Recurrence Score-Invasive.RSRSRS*NAACCR
3905Oncotype Dx Risk Level-DCIS.RSRC.NAACCR
3906Oncotype Dx Risk Level-Invasive.RSRC.NAACCR
3908Percent Necrosis Post Neoadjuvant.RSRCRS*NAACCR
3909Perineural Invasion.RSRS.NAACCR
3910Peripheral Blood Involvement.RSRSRS*NAACCR
3911Peritoneal Cytology.RSRS.NAACCR
3913Pleural Effusion.RSRS.NAACCR
3914Progesterone Receptor Percent Positive or Range.RSRC.NAACCR
3915Progesterone Receptor SummaryRSRSRSRS*NAACCRRevised
3916Progesterone Receptor Total Allred Score.RSRC.NAACCR
3917Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis .RS..NAACCRRevised
3918Profound Immune Suppression.RSRS.NAACCR
3919EOD Prostate Pathologic Extension..RS.SEER
3920PSA (Prostatic Specific Antigen) Lab ValueRSRSRSRS*NAACCRRevised
3921Residual Tumor Volume Post Cytoreduction .RSRS.NAACCR
3922Response to Neoadjuvant Therapy.RSRC.NAACCR
3923S Category Clinical.RSRSRS*NAACCR
3924S Category Pathological.RSRSRS*NAACCR
3925Sarcomatoid Features.RSRS.NAACCR
3926Schema Discriminator 1RSRSRSRS*NAACCRRevised
3927Schema Discriminator 2RSRSRSRS*NAACCRRevised
3928Schema Discriminator 3.RSRSRS*NAACCR
3929Separate Tumor Nodules.RSRS.NAACCR
3930Serum Albumin Pretreatment Level.RSRSRS*NAACCR
3931Serum Beta-2 Microglobulin Pretreatment Level.RSRSRS*NAACCR
3932LDH Lab ValueRSRSRS.NAACCRRevised
3934Tumor Deposits.RSRS.NAACCR
3935Tumor Growth Pattern.RS..NAACCRRevised
3937Visceral and Parietal Pleural Invasion.RSRS.NAACCR
3938ALK Rearrangement.RSR.NAACCR
3939EGFR Mutational Analysis.RSR.NAACCR
3940BRAF Mutational Analysis.RSR.NAACCR
3941NRAS Mutational Analysis.RSR.NAACCR
3942CA 19-9 PreTX Lab Value.RSR.NAACCR
3945NCDB--SARSCoV2--Pos Date.RHRH*.CoCRevised
3946NCDB--COVID19--Tx Impact.RHRH*.CoCRevised
3950Macroscopic Evaluation of Mesorectum.RRC.CoCNew
3955Derived Rai Stage..D.New
3957LN Status Pelvic.RSRCRS*SEERNew
3958LN Status Para-Aortic.RSRCRS*SEERNew
3959LN Status Femoral-Inguinal.RSRCRS*SEERNew
7010Path Reporting Fac ID 1....HL7
7011Path Reporting Fac ID 2....HL7
7012Path Reporting Fac ID 3....HL7
7013Path Reporting Fac ID 4....HL7
7014Path Reporting Fac ID 5....HL7
7090Path Report Number 1....HL7
7091Path Report Number 2....HL7
7092Path Report Number 3....HL7
7093Path Report Number 4....HL7
7094Path Report Number 5....HL7
7100Path Order Phys Lic No 1....HL7
7101Path Order Phys Lic No 2....HL7
7102Path Order Phys Lic No 3....HL7
7103Path Order Phys Lic No 4....HL7
7104Path Order Phys Lic No 5....HL7
7190Path Ordering Fac No 1....HL7
7191Path Ordering Fac No 2....HL7
7192Path Ordering Fac No 3....HL7
7193Path Ordering Fac No 4....HL7
7194Path Ordering Fac No 5....HL7
7320Path Date Spec Collect 1....HL7
7321Path Date Spec Collect 2....HL7
7322Path Date Spec Collect 3....HL7
7323Path Date Spec Collect 4....HL7
7324Path Date Spec Collect 5....HL7
7480Path Report Type 1....HL7
7481Path Report Type 2....HL7
7482Path Report Type 3....HL7
7483Path Report Type 4....HL7
7484Path Report Type 5....HL7